Thursday, January 18, 2018

Blue Thursday!

Working eves,  woke up felt like hitting the slopes so I was alpining away by 11am!    Great conditions,   machine groomed granular.  Did Cruiser then headed over to " The Orchard" and did every run once before hitting Smart Alec/Tranquility then Doug.     Spent just shy of 2 hours on the hill not doing the same run twice.   Came to the conclusion that I really like going down but the the up in the chair ...not so fun! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Wow evening

It was cold and it was windy but it was snowing like crazy making for some stellar conditions at Blue last night!    Once again I experimented around with thinks wearing two layers over the head and neck using my partial balaclava covering the face and nose it worked out pretty good in the -20C temp with 50 km  winds,   Skied mostly Cruiser ,   it was effortless ...tracks were covered up as soon as they were made.  The snow was actually drifting uphill and sticking!     Only hung in there for a couple of hours a little worried about the drive home and it was warranted .  Blue , Banks and Ravena all the way to Beaver Valley was tenuous at best! 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Day 2

Made it out to Blue yesterday for first was 8:55 am when I got on the chair after doing my first run.    Spent the first hour at Cruiser then the second in the Orchard ...beautiful corduroy trail  mostly untouched except for me!  Took my Skis in for a much needed tune up and had a bite while waiting for them to finish.   Meet up with Patrick and Daryl after lunch.   Was completely blown away buy how much better the skis handled .... best $28.00 I have spent all week!     Called it a day a little after 1 leaving time for an afternoon show shoe. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Season Opener

Game on 2017-2018 ski season has begun.  Logged a couple of hour at Blue last night mostly bombing cruiser.   They didn't groom late in the afternoon / early evening so it was pretty skied out.   Its been cold and they have been making allot of snow and are quickly opening more runs.    Tried out my Marino Wool  top as a base layer and was quite comfortable.  Need some -20 weather to really give it a test! 

Skied with Patrick and Lisa for a bit but she hurt herself on the third run.   Patrick and I met up with a couple of his skiing friends and we hung out with them for a bit.   All and all a good start to the season. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Season is almost over .. maybe!

Suspect there is at least one more trip to Blue this year!  

Loved this picture from a little over a week ago ....