Saturday, December 29, 2012

Busy Night

Picked up Robin and his friend Logan today and made it to Blue around 5pm.   The boys took off and I Skied single and rarely had to wait any more then a few minutes to catch a chair.      Made runs on Water Fall and Big Baby before making my way back to the North End of the resort.  Line ups at the Silver Bullet were huge so I took off the boards and walked a short distance to the Magic Carpet then Graduate and made my way to the Century Express.  One run on Happy Valley then it was up and down time in the Terrain Park.... no waits at all!    Took a break for dinner at 7 then finished up meeting the boys at the car at 9:30.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wow Snow

 Mason, Noah, Blake and myself headed to Blue for an Evening on the slopes.  There was tons of new sn!ow ,  not too hard to find powder and the line ups were quite reasonable    Blake and Noah hung out  in the Terrain Park ,  Mason and I hot Happy Valley after it was groomed.    Stopped for dinner around 7 and headed home around 9:30.... great night

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Managed to fit in a couple of hours on the Hill last night.   Had Ryan out for his first time this season.  Parked at the top of the hill  again.   Crowds were thin and one more run was open ,  Memory Lane!   Skied mostly on Tranquility and Memory Lane ,  snow was pretty good ... icy at the top where it was narrow and steep otherwise better snow then last week.  I was happy to be able to go top to bottom without stopping.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

And there was Snow!

Freezing rain and warm temps at home late this afternoon.  Braved the not so perfect Ski weather heading to Blue hoping it would be OK and were weren't dissapointed.  Arrived to -2C and Snow Making going ninety!  As a matter of fact they had been making snow all day on Smart Alec and Tranquility and it was rather deep and only a few icy spots.   They no sooner turned off the snow making and the natural stuff started to fall ,  and fall and then really fall.    Had Robin my son and his friend with me this eve.  First night for both of them and they were having a blast.  Last ride up was at 9:45 .... we were the only car parked the top of the Hill.  It was snowing hard as we left and I almost didn't make it up the Hill!    The drive back was slow , snow all the way to Priceville and by the time we hot Durham there was green lawns ... go figure.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spring Skiing in December

Sunny Sky's and temperatures in the low single digits made for a rather pleasant day of Skiing.  Noah , Blake and I headed out just before lunch today.   Smart Alex and Tranquility we really icy ,  not at all soft like last night.   Made our way to the Badlands  chair and spent some time in the Terrain Park.  The boys had a blast on the features and I found a good line with some soft snow.

2012-2013 Ski Season Start

Tuesday December 18th ...opened the 2012-2013 Ski Season last night.

Hit the slopes around 6pm with Mason 16, Noah and Blake 12 and Moi!     Skied Smart Alec, Tranquility and Graduate    The snow was wet and heavy but everyone managed quite well and really enjoyed the start of the season.   Best part was that we had the hill to ourselves.... that will change!!!!   After 3 hours of  up/down we called it a night.  Noah and Blake are off school due to a teachers strike so we are heading back to Blue today.   They are looking forward to getting into the Terrain Park.