Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 2---Perfect

 Headed out with Noah and Blake Friday Dec 12 making first run at 11ish then shutting down the Hill at 4:30.    The snow reports said that there was 25cm of new snow and we were not dissapointed.  Mother Nature cooperated too with little breeze,  temps around freezing and glorious Sun..lots of Sun.   After a couple of Runs with Bake and Noah I headed off on my own.   The Southern Chair and my favorite Run "Cruiser" were open for the first time this season.    Took a break around 1 and had a pint in the Sun at Rustys.   Didn't even need a coat sitting out in the Sun.    The day was allot like an early April outing ... great snow ,  great temp glorious Sun.   It felt like we were getting it all in before the season ended.  After Rustys I met up with Mark and Trevor.   Hung out with them for a couple of hours.    Ended the day where I started in Happy Valley...caught the last chair up!  Took a bunch of video and will put something together in the mean time here are some stills ...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 1...simply awesome!

I didn't plan on Skiing today but when I looked at the Collingwood Weather and it said heavy snow fall I just couldn't help myself!   The normal 40 minute drive took and hour.  Tried to park at the top but the lot was drifted in so I tobogganed the car to the bottom of the hill parking at the Hotel Parking Lot.  Got stuck parking but I knew it would be hard to get a push later so off I went....


After picking up my pass I did 2 runs in Happy Valley ...  had a bit of a tough go of it adjusting to nearly a foot of snow!!!!     After I got my legs under me I headed down Legacy heading down The Village way making a dive for the Silver Bullet.   Legacy had allot of icy brown snow from some very aggressive base building efforts.   I have never seen so much snow on Smart Alex it was skied enough that giant moguls of powder were forming and there were some pretty good lines to follow.   Found some untouched powder on the South side of Tranquility and finally found my powered legs.  After an uneventful trip down Memory Lane I had my best Pow Run of the day down Rinus Run finding a large swath of untouched powder.
L Hill was sooooo tempting but I didn't as it was taped off....

When I was all done I found a couple of young fellow to push me out .... no problem as expected.   Returned the favor helping them out ... just about everyone was stuck.  Followed a plow all the way from the Village back to Ravena.  Didn't mind cause it sure made the drive allot easier!

See the plow