Thursday, December 29, 2011

Busier night ....

Busier night tonight. Went with Robin and his friend Logan..... we hit the hill st 6:30 and I said to the boys "see ya at 10pm". It was a good night to be single....almost no more then a few minutes wait to get up ....mostly less then a minute, sweet.

Conditions were no as good as last weekend . With the cold temperatures they were making tons of snow. Surfaces were unpredictable from icy to soft to bumpy...had to be careful. Started with the long Skies but they didn't handle well so I tried the shorter ones but they didn't fare much better. Tried to get some dinner at the newly opened South Lodge , the cafeteria had one cashier and a line up 20 deep so I headed back out to the hill. With the exception of the almost dinner break and the walk to the car to swap equipment I pretty much Skied no-stop for 3.5 hours.

All and all a great night on the slopes in spite of some so-so conditions.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Better yet ...

Robin was in , Ryan was out and so was Noah until he got caught up in the moment and decided to come along.

Headed out with Robin and Noah. Arrived at Blues a around 7pm, snow at the top with rain at the bottom and temps hovering around freezing. Started on Graduate , three runs for Robin and Noah to get use to their new equipment then it was off to Happy Valley. Snow was wet but soft with no icy sections. It was actually pretty good skiing considering it hasn't snowed and its been unusually warm. One pleasant surprise was how few folks were on the hills.... another night of up/down no wait. We had a great time and ended our night near 10pm getting the last run up the Century Express.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Run

Xmas Eve brings the first night of Skiing. I have been trying to get the kids out all week but they all backed out , tonight was no exception. Ryan was tired , Robin was worried about the conditions and Noah wanted to watch a movie....go figure! Went on my own arriving at Blue at 4pm and drove to the Blue mountain Inn to pick up my pass. It only took a few minutes so I decided to drive back up the the Mountain to the parking lot at the top of the Silver Bullet Lift. Wanted to try out Robins new Skis but the bindings were not adjusted to my boot...plan B my old Silver Nordic 160s ...more equipment troubles. The old Solomon 667 bindings had the tab broke off that allows the hell to snap the bindings into place. Figured out a way t0 close the heel and I was off.

First run was on Tranquility was OK, burning legs fighting some so - so conditions and allot of traffic. 2nd run, near perfect , no burning legs , not problems with traffic and I found a great line. 3rd run was down Smart Alec on a dam near perfect corduroy trail ... yup freshly groomed and I was in the grove. After repeated runs on Smart Alec it was back to Tranquility ....freshly groomed! After a couple of hours of Up/Down and no waits for the lift I decided to call it a day and head home for Xmas Eve!