Friday, January 23, 2015

Mont Tremblant - Jan 14 to Jan 18, 2015

 Blake,  Noah and myself journeyed to Mont Tremblant Quebec logging 3 days on the Mountain.  Should have blogged it whilst it was fresh on a daily basis but there wasn't allot of time besides after a full day on the Mountain I was beat!

Day 1 ... Wed Jan 14
Travel day!  Left home at 09:30 am after a good long Hot Tub.   Road were bare and the weather was good.   410 in Brampton had three accidents holding us up for about 20 minutes...frustrating being early in the trip.  Ottawa was choked around 4pm ... another 20 minute delay.    Arrived in Tremblant around 6pm .... first stop was Tims and the boys and I had supper.   Arrived at the condo a little before 7pm ...dinner was being served ,  surprise.    The Condo was above expectations and we quickly found out when it comes to meals and snacks the theme of the week was excess!    Noah and Blake hit the Hot Tub before bed and I prepared for the first day on the slopes.

Noahs arrival ...Tremblant Bliss

Day 2 Thurs Jan 15
First Tracks BABY!    Included in the condo was "First Tracks" ... basically they open the hill an hour early and you have first crack at the Runs ...very worthwhile!    After my first Gondola ride since Sunshine in 1998 it was a couple of easy runs on some of the best corduroy trails I have ever been on.   We pretty much stuck to "Toboggan" until we broke for lunch at 11:00 am. .

Toboggan ...

Lunch routine was perfect at the Summit
Lodge,  it was like we had a reserved table.   Patrick and Mark brought Sandwiches ,  Snacks and most important Gator Aide... a true feast!

After lunch we Skiied until meeting at the Refuge at 2pm

The Refuge was a little cabin half way down the Mountain off the beaten path.  The boys indulged in Hot Chocolate and Cookies and I enjoyed a much deserved Labbatts 50.  

Closed down the day around 3:30 pm when the shut down the lifts.   Caught a Bus for the 2K journey back to the Condo and had a feast of food preparing us for day 2.

Day 3 Fri Jan 16  ...POW POW POW day.

First track never meant so much after a fresh dumping of snow overnight!    It was -20C ,  blowing and Snowing but we were pumped for what lie ahead and we were not dissapointed.

Summit arrival 08:00 am...

Found fresh deep pow on the North Side and followed the untouched Snow making fresh tracks all the way to the bottom!

POW POW POW .... better picture to follow!

Did the usual 11am lunch and 2pm Refuge then ended the day after the lifts shut down at 3:30 pm.

All day great snow....

Day 4 Sat Jan 17 ...last day on the Mountain

First Tracks again ,,,, just Patrick and I.   Legs were a little beat up and holly cold start...-31C at the bottom and there was an inversion so it was -20C at the top.   Half way down the Mountain we hit the cold air and it was very very very cold!     Conditions were not nearly as good as the first two days and with the legs being beat up and the cold there was a few extra breaks thrown into the day!  

Patrick contemplating last runs on a break near the end of the day ...

On our third and final day we shut er down again ...

Day 5 Sun Jan 18

Condo clean up then was on the road a 10:30 am arriving home at 7:00 pm.  Good roads all the way yo Orangeville then slush snow the rest of the way home.