Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Day Video

Family Day, Feb 18, 2013

Had a fantastic Family Day at Blue.   Managed to get Ryan ,  Robin , Noah and his friend Blake to the Hill.

They opened things up at 07:30 . We tried to be there for the first run but were a bit late arriving at 08:00 am.   The conditions were fantastic ,  clear sky, -13C and the  amazingly perfect groomed trails.   For the first 2 hours there were almost no lift lines up down and a ton a fun.   Wait times really started to ramp up around 10:00 am.   At 10:30 we went in for lunch and were back out on the hill before 11:00 am.   Robin headed off to join some friends,  Blake and Noah headed to the Badlands and Ryan and I started on the L Hill .... the triple lift was running that day and the lines were pretty reasonable.       Plan was to all meet up at the Village at 2pm.    Ryan and I hit the Patio at Rusty's and enjoyed a pitcher of Canadian.   Robin, Blake and Noah meet us at we headed to Waterfall and the South end of the resort spending the last couple of hours of the day.    I was parked in the small lot next to the Beaver Tail Shack and when we left at 4:30 we ended the  day with some hot fresh fried doe.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Too Much Fun

Robin and Mason joined me last night for an evening at Blue.    Had a blast in the Superpipe....

Friday, February 1, 2013