Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day at Blue

Its only once every 4 years that you get a chance to Ski at Blue on February 29th so I hit the slopes today. I was really excited heading out with all the fresh snow this morning. Picked Ryan up in Durham then we headed down 4 to Grey Rd 2. It was blowing and snowing so heavy I didn't jump on the Rd 19 to Blue at Ravena instead I headed on 2 until 40 then loop back extra 20 minutes but I was sure if the little Corolla would have made it!

Parked beside Patrick Rose's truck at the base of Graduate sign of Patrick! Headed north and hung out there for the morning


Hit the Wing place for lunch .....

We watched a Hockey game on the pond as we enjoyed out Hot Honey Garlic Wings ...

We Skied Waterfall for a bit then headed over towards Smart Alec and Tranquility. The snow changed to ice pellets then freezing rain. A trip up the mountain was a journey into the clouds...

We soon had iced up Goggles and looked like Glazed Donuts so we decided to call it a day and headed home.

Just another great day at Blue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night Skiing

Robin and I almost didn't make it! Was 5min from the hill when I realized I forgot my Boots .... yup my Boots. Add 1 hour of extra driving to the eve...what a d'oh head. There was lots of snow on the hill but it was in desperate need of grooming, variable conditions for sure. Was having fun until I wiped out under the Silver Bullet Chair. I was going full tilt and caught an edge. Fell downhill breaking my fall with my left arm and then head. As I was tumbling two thoughts crossed my mind , God please don't let me get hurt and why the F are my bindings not releasing. For close to a minute after the wipe out I couldn't hear ... really freaky. I am very glad that I had my Helmet on.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday Night

Robin twisted my arm , sent me an email " what about Blue tonight". Well that was enough to rush home after work do this that and the other thing then hurry out to the hill!

Noah tagged along for his third outing of the year and was thoroughly in love with the corn snow when we made our first run around 5:30. We made our first appearance in the Super Pipe , Robin Blew a Ski on his way up ... his 170lbs and bindings set for a beginner was a recipe for disaster. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself ... next move was to the work bench at the Century lift. Bindings are now set more appropriately.

Most fun was in the Enchanted Forest and Waterfall jumps...

Called it a night at 8:30 pm ... in spite of going back to Blue with JDSS Snow Dogs on Tuesday Robin said " can we do one more run" . He truly is loving it!