Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ski not Run

Way too nice today not to take in some more Spring Skiing. Noah was keen so we packed up the Corolla and were on the Hill by 11:00 am. I was going to head out in my Ski pants but quickly realized that I was way over dressed. So it was a quick change to Shorts , and a Tech T. The following picture is that of my 12 year old expressing how he felt about my Shorts...

Noah never really got over the idea of Shorts but I was very comfortable soaking up the Sun...

With the exception of a 20 minute break for Lunch we Skied until 5pm enjoying the spring conditions.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Skiing

March 13 wasn't quite Spring but the 13C temp and Sunshine sure made it feel that way. Took Robin, Mason and his friend to Blue today. Mason opted not to have a membership for Christmas and opted for a tablet instead. I told him I would put him on the hill one day so today was it. $73.00 later we had a lift ticket, snow board and boots.


I love Spring Skiing , hands down. I like the snow ...really love the snow and to be out in the warm sunshine is simply amazing. Masons friend was pretty new so Robin and I took off for the first hour and got a bunch of runs in. There was no one on the hill and most of the time we rode up by ourselves. We got together with Mason and friend and did a few runs on the freshly groomed Happy Vally the corduroy trail. We broke for dinner around 7:00 and pigged out on some Bamboozle Burgers , pretty reasonable dinner .... $41.00 to stuff 3 16 year olds and myself. Day tuned to nigh while we ate and we returned to the hill under darkness. Headed up to Water Fall then made out way back to Tranquility before calling it a night just before they shut down the hill at 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Great night

Was on the hill a little after 6pm after working today. Tried to meet up with Lisa and Martin at 6:30 at the clock tower but they were a no show. I had the right skis for the right conditions on the right night! It was fast and it felt natural and I was flying and feeling good. Very few were on the hill, no waits and no traffic but that is part of what made it so good this evening. Skied my heart out to cranked tunes for a couple of hours then headed home.