Monday, March 23, 2015

Last night skiing of the 2014-2015 season.

Unplanned last minute trip to Blue the evening. Picked Noah up in town at 5:30.  On the way home I mentioned that it was the last eve for night skiing at Blue this season.  He immediately  contacted Blake , we picked him up on the way home and after a quick bite of food and a few chores we found ourselves on the Mountain at 7:30 pm!   The Moon and Venus were a few degrees apart low in the Sky.  I had a birds eye view every time I made the trip on the chairlift.  Temps were colder ,  -10ish and there was a bit of a breeze now and again but overall it was comfortable compared to what we had been out in weeks ago!    Conditions were very fast  and not too too tracked out.   Best runs were done in the Orchard at the end of the night.   Its 9pm and I was riding the Orchard lift looking at a Corederroy road right under the chair.   Tried it out and it was amazing... repeat , repeat , repeat until the clock struck 10 then that was it. Part of the joy was that once again I felt like a VIP because I was about the only one in the Orchard after 9pm.... as a matter of fact the whole place was very quiet.  

  It was a great couple of hour on the hill.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Blue I know...

After nearly 2 months of almost always frigid temps the thermometer broke the freezing mark yesterday.  Warm temps  and two weeks left of "Night Skiing" made for a busy evening.   Noah and his  friend Alex were along.   We hit the Hill at 6:00 pm.  I was Skiing "Single" so it was only a few minutes to get on the lift.   There were tons of families and little kids and lots of stop / go on the lift lines.   I Skied South originally sticking to cruiser.  In spite of the traffic the snow wasn't too bad.   flew down cruiser then headed to central and was doing the lift line under the silver bullet ... also fun and fast.  Broke for dinner at 7:45 then back out for another hour... the place sure emptied out!     All and all better conditions and not quite as busy as I expected.