Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busier Blue

Hit the Hill with Noah and Blake last night.   We made it for the 4:30 start of Night Skiing.    It was clear and sunny just below freezing with a rather gusty West Wind.    It as really pleasant skiing for the first 2 hours in daylight.   I was expecting it to be really icy but it wasn't all that bad ,   machine groomed granular.   Closed down the Hill waiting at the base of the Orchard life .... Noah and Blake made the last ride up at 9:58 pm.   They are so poky goofing off they didn't come off the Hill until 10:15pm.    Great night ...felt a bit tired towards the end but that probably had something to do with the 50k Run I did yesterday.

Shot some video as the day changed to night.   Will be putting it together soon,  here is a screen cap....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Back at Blue

Didnt get out for just a little over 2 weeks so it was really pleasant to get back on the hill last night.   Mason headed out with me hitting the slopes around 6pm skiing until 9pm.  We were treated to some pretty awesome conditions again ,  machine groomed powder ,  not much ice ,  not too many on the hill and best of all it was only just a little below freezing.   Highlight of the night was Mason's request to do a double black diamond.   Not too many runs at Blue have this designation and the only one that came to mind was "Calamity" ,  appropriately named.   Mason sat on the edge tightening his snow board bindings and before he was finished he was headed down the hill on his but sliding  and picking up speed all the way to the bottom.... very funny.   In the winter time we refer to this hill as a double black diamond ,  in the summer we call it a cliff.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Two eves on the Hill with Noah and Blake this weekend.    The boys went on Friday too and in spite of all that time I still had to pull them off the Hill at 9:30 pm tonight.